Course open to all Members for competition according to the syllabus.
Players will not be eligible for Club Competition unless name is recorded in Competition Book before 12.00pm.
Visitor’s, Half Green Fee plus competition fee if introduced by a Club Member.
Competition as shown in syllabus. Hit-off 12 noon -Winter and 10am Summer.
Ladies Day: Name to be in competition book by 9:00am.
Visitor’s, Half Green Fee plus competition fee if introduced by a Club Member.


SUMMER COMPETITION (November to February)

Kialla Golf Club – Heat Policy
The Kialla Golf Club’s extreme heat policy has been introduced to provide guidance to members and guests in relation to playing conditions which might impact on the health and well being of players on the golf course, on high temperature and humid days to prevent confusion about when a competition will run on days of extreme heat.
Golfers are advised to take appropriate action to prevent heat stress including wearing a wide brimmed hat and carrying sufficient water to maintain hydration. All golfers should consider their own health conditions before participating in Club Events.
All information regarding the temperature is to be checked on the Bureau of Meteorology site Click the link below the evening prior to play.
Bureau of Meteorology Kialla Forecast
Check the Links Page for additional weather information
If the temperature is expected to be in excess of 38 degrees or above then the competition will be AM competition only. Hit off at AM competition is to be no later than 8.00 am start. NO competition entries will be accepted outside of this time.
If the temperature is forecast for 40 degrees or above then competition for the day will be Cancelled.
Green Fee Players
Play at own discretion.
Club will not be responsible for any adverse health effects.
This Heat Policy has been initated in the interests of ALL KGC players.
Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us all.
Revised February 2018



Saturday from October
Summer Competition 8.00 to 8.30am or 11.30 to 12noon Tee Off Times.
Tuesday & Thursday
18 Hole Competition 8.00am or anytime with arranged own partners 10am.
9 Hole Chicken Run Competition Wednesday starts 4.00 to 5.30pm or anytime with arranged own partners for Men or Ladies.
Winner to lose 1 stroke off handicap.
1st. Wednesday in November to last Wednesday in November, 18 hole Competition.
9.00am Hit off Time.
1st Wednesday in December onwards 9 hole Competition.
8.30am Hit Off Time.

Competition Fees 2018


Thursday: $8.00
Saturday Mens & Ladies $8.00
Wednesday: $8.00
Major Competitions: $30 pair
Major Competitions: $15 single
Ladies Summer 9 holes $5.00
Twilight $5.00
Ladies Salver $20.00
Ladies Open $20.00
Open 4BBB $40.00 pair